Is it really harder to lose WEIGHT when you're OLDER?

Many factors would suggest that YES, it is indeed.

1. Slower basal metabolic rate (BMR)= slower metabolism when at rest; really though, only a few percentage points but in the long run it might make a difference. You can calculate it at and play a bit with sex and age and you will see that the differences are minute and can be overcome with increased activity but in the long term even 100 extra calories a day will make a difference. Remember this equation as this BMR multiplied by your daily activity will be your daily caloric need. More on this later.

2. For women after the age of 50 (in menopause), lower hormonal levels compound that effect but not so much for men as it takes a much longer time for testosterone to get really low (unless one is really obese for both sexes and then testosterone shall be low due to the obesity; T replacement WILL NOT HELP but weigh loss will).

3. Muscle tissue: if you have already lost a lot of muscle tissue which happens after the age of 40 for both sexes, then your overall metabolism will be slower due to that. If you accelerate that muscle loss due to inactivity in your 30s and 40s, then you will be a worse starting point once you decide to do something.

4. If you have gained and lost and regained weight many times in the past, then your overall metabolism will have taken a hit and you will need to eat less than a person that has maintained the same weight all his/her life. In short you have put your body in to "save mode".

5. Your THYROID: please do not be disappointed but normal levels, with or without substitution make it EXTREMELY IMPROBABLE that your thyroid is involved in your weight issues.

6. Your ADRENALS: No, not guilty. If your adrenals FAIL and you do not want that, chances are you will be THIN, cachectic and well dead before you know it. If your adrenals are overactive and there is a syndrome and a word for that, chances are that your doctor will have grasped it. Acne, diabetes, high blood pressure, typical weight distribution, a hump of the back of your neck called buffalo hump (apologies for the vivid description), menstrual abnormalities and the list goes on. If your current doctor is blind and missed it, don’t worry some doctor will get it because these syndromes are like zebras galloping in a big city or unicorns strolling around in Paris, so rare it is to suffer from that Cushing’s syndrome of overactive adrenals. Unless of course you are on corticosteroids for a long time for some reason. Then talk the doctor that gave those to you. And, by the way, Adrenal Fatigue does NOT EXIST. Accept it and go on.

7. your HORMONES in general: In 99% of the cases, Overweight and OBESITY are due to a continuous CALORIE SURPLUS (=you have been eating too much too long). See your HORMONES as an air traffic control tower in an airport. If there is a malfunction or the staff goes on strike, no airplanes are flying, landing or lifting. There is nothing in between. Hormonal issues do NOT come and go. Compare what I say to the normal hormonal FLUCTUATIONS in normal situations like menstruation and pregnancy. Some women can feel the fluctuations when menstruating, all fell them when pregnant but those are normal and last while that situation is present. Pathological conditions, abnormal situations, and diseases rarely fluctuate. Smaller disturbances do not cause 25 kg excess! French fries and alcohol do! At the end of the day, a visit to an ENDOCRINOLOGIST will suffice. Not any other specialty because they know hormones as much or little as you do. And please DO take a negative outcome as a definite answer. If hormonal levels are within the normal reference range, your overweight is NOT DUE to your HORMONES. It just is not. 8. Starting point and final goal: a not so obese older person might find it not that difficult if one has only a few kilograms to lose but if you start at 130 kg and you want to be really lean and fit then it is going to be an uphill task. On the positive side, a few kg weight loss (5% of your initial BW) will improve blood pressure, overall fitness, cholesterol levels, diabetic outlook and is NOT DIFFICULT. Start SMALL or start BIG? It is really YOU that decides. You really need to choose your GOAL; it all boils down to between what you dream and what you can accomplish and of course HOW BAD you WANT it.

There is a reason why you are at this point. Find it, define it, examine it, dissect it HONESTLY and start from there. An honest appraisal, seeing the sword of Damocles and the realization of a severe health PENALTY waiting at the corner will spur CHANGE. Only DANGER, real and palpable danger open the eyes wide to the TRUTH. If the PENALTY is SEVERE enough, DISCIPLINE is the easy CHOICE (translator’s note: discipline= πειθαρχία [Gr.]= πείθω + ἄρχω = convinced by authority/law). My suggestion is that, if the health penalty mentioned above has already been sentenced to you, then start with 5% and see how it goes. Keep it simple and not convoluted. Consult with a doctor you trust and that looks like he is living the way you should be.

I know that you do not want to know the reasons WHY it is more difficult to lose WEIGHT but WHAT to DO from now and on! I know, and you be patient. In the next post, I will start telling you.

One thing to remember and if you do not like it, then move along to somewhere else do not wait for the next post.

I am not going to share any MIRACLES with you but only laws of THERMODYNAMICS.

CALORIES matter for WEIGHT LOSS. This is a LAW you must accept. If you do not, you WILL FAIL. Not me, YOU.

PS. First LAW of Thermodynamics: aka, Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. DS.