Day ONE of your NEW YOU.

Do you have what it takes or will you fail from DAY 1?

This is and interval workout with power elements. Can interchange between ROW/SKI/AirDyne/Elliptical/Regular Bike or RUN but it MUST equate >90% of your MAX HR at the end of each 2 minute interval. 220 minus your age is you max HR. Then think 90% of it. If 50 years old= 200-50= 170x0.9= > 153 in HR. Less than that is a FAIL. If on a ROW or SKI or AirDyne use the numbers in the picture. On the second part, it is more than 20 burpees in 2 minutes. If you do not know what a CLEAN PULL or a FRONT SQUAT is, get a personal trainer.