Day 5.

Brace for something special today.

INTERVALS. On the ROWER or SKIERG. You will do 30 seconds of hard work (>90% of your HR Max) followed by 30 seconds rest (sit strapped on the rower and rest). You will do this SIX times. Then you will rest for 4 (FOUR) minutes and repeat it TWO more times.

You should try to hit 150 meters on each 30 second interval. Usually this is my minimum but since I have not done this for sometime I set 145-146-147 meters this time for each of the blocks. Keep the rest strict and turn off your brain that will want to QUIT at the 4th interval of every block.

Then some more easier 4x30"/30" intervals as FROG hops and BURPEES. TWO min in total for each and 2 min rest between the frog and burpees. Then cool down with whatever you want. Probably DEATH if you have gone through it at >145m.

PS. 30"/30" intervals can be done on anything as long as your HR at the end of the 30 seconds is at 90-95% of MHR. AirDyne, SKI, ROW, Sprints run/bike, weights at 30% of your max for that exercise= (try front squats/push press at 30kg for 30 secs and you'll get it.) DS.