Day 4.

Sunday Day 4.

I am a strong believer of IMPENDING DANGER and PENALTIES and thus putting things OVERHEAD is one of my favorite exercises. Unfortunately I haven't been doing it too often so today we will keep the loads down a bit. Nothing motivates as a load over your head, ready to crush you if you make a mistake. Nothing humiliates you more than not being able to put a load equal to your weight over your head (so today I am the nail and not the hammer!)

Warm up mainly your shoulders as this is an UPPER body pass. Work up to a HEAVYish OVERHEAD SQUAT (OHS) (get in to position through a SNATCH) and do 5 rounds of 2 at 80% of what you achieved.

Then you will do a complex from one of my favorite Gyms (GymJones). The complex is OHS (35% of your body weight) and RING Push UPS (RPU) for time, which means, there is no rest between, if you are with a friend though, you can rest while he/she is doing theirs but that is not the intention. So you will do 30 OHS immediately followed by 30 RPU (put your feet on a bench if you have no rings), immediately followed by 20 OHS and 20 RPU, immediately followed by 10 OHS and 10 RPU, then rest. Cool down with whatever for 10 min. Your scapulae (shoulder blades will hurt tomorrow).