Day 3.

You are probably under the weather after the intervals yesterday so you will need some RECOVERY (and something that is impossible to fail at ehh?).

Warm up with some KettleBells. It does not matter what you do, just take them up and carry them around (use a total of 25% of your BW), swing then, clean them or snatch them, do some around the world and some overhead presses. Put them back an load some weight on a bar to do some DEADLIFTS at 30% of your DEADLIFT MAX. You'll do a lot of them like 3 sets of 20 and also 3x 20 at a 10 cm deficit which means you'll bend your back a lot and your back and hamstrings will HURT tomorrow.

Then sit on a cardio machine and do something for 25 min at an easy pace like not more than 65% of your HR max.